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Marketing can be tough. It’s hard to keep up with what you should do, especially if it doesn’t seem like a natural fit for your business. But with the right tools at our disposal, your marketing can be simplified, so all you have to worry about is running your company! Get the resources you need to win your business marketing and build rapport with your customers.

Learn how to create and implement the right digital marketing strategies for your small business. This article covers everything you need to know about digital marketing strategy, including what it is, why you need it, and how to put one together.

What people Say?

Bridgette Williams
Bridgette Williams
Executive Director
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Having worked with Maurice on different marketing strategies he has been very helpful and personal that is valuable for your exact needs. I believe I have gained so much positive feedback and direction to create content that brings great social media response.
Alicia Abrams
Alicia Abrams
Owner of Glass Art by Alicia
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Maurice provides great examples in order to make the concept very clear, and provides valuable information to help businesses. He's great to work with!
Monique Davisson
Monique Davisson
Insurance Agent
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The Market Growth Strategy team is amazing and I would highly recommend them if you are looking to grow your business with a functional marketing strategy! Maurice at Market Growth Strategy has created a remarkable digital marketing strategy for my business and I have seen unbelievable growth.
FAQs About Marketing Services

Questions about Our process

Marketing Growth Strategy works with both large and small service firms. We work with each company to develop a marketing plan that will lead to long-term success as well as some quick victories. We have digital marketing professionals that have the knowledge and enthusiasm to help you take the worry out of running your business, whether you’re a small business wanting to reach out to your local audience or a major corporation looking to launch a new service in several regions.

Marketing Growth Strategy is an award-winning digital marketing agency. The specific services we provide to our clients are search engine optimization, social media advertising, and marketing strategy. We help companies find an online audience, reach out to them with a compelling message, and turn that connection into a long-term profitable relationship. When it comes to digital marketing, most companies need a comprehensive approach. Please get in touch with us if you’d like to learn more about how we can help you expand your service business online. We can do a thorough analysis of the services that will provide you with the most benefit and the results you can expect from a customized digital marketing plan.

Marketing Growth Strategy is headquartered in Cedar Rapids Iowa, we support business all over the US. We service clients during the times that best suite their needs due to the time difference. If you have questions feel free to contact us here.

The primary reason marketing does not work is because as small business owners arent being told the full truth about the marketing process. Most small businesses are missing pieces in their marketing, but its not your fault. During the 3 phase process your business will have the chance to fill in the missing pieces to mark your marketing simple and effective. 

You’ll get a plan for your marketing that is easy to understand and gets the results you wanted, while reducing the stress you feel about marketing for your business. In other words, making your  marketing simple.

Start loving your business again like you did on day 1.

Fred Ebong Studios
Maurice knows his stuff. He not only helped me figure out where my customers were. He also helped me come up with strategies on how to attract them.

50% of small business owners dont have a marketing plan and nearly the same 50% will no longer be in business after the first five years in business.

It’s easier now more than ever to start a business and get it off the ground but thanks to the internet and social media its harder than ever to grow. 

Most small business deal with two challenges when trying to grow a business:

  1. Not sure what the right thing to do to see the results. 
  2. Not having enough resources to hire someone full time with the knowledge of what to do. 

That’s why I started Marketing Growth Strategy – to put big businesses on notice and give the local business like yours an, edge. 

in the last 3 years I’ve helped over 200 businesses(like yours) see increase in their revenue. I look forward to supporting you.