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Need a digital advertising agency in Iowa? We are an Iowa digital advertising company that brings your business customers.

If you’re looking to grow your business, online advertising is one of the most predictable ways you can get customers for your business. But knowing how to get started with advertising and knowing what online ad platform your business should be using are major concerns that keep many businesses from taking advantage of this opportunity.

We know these challenges because we’ve helped hundreds of companies just like yours overcome them. Our team has decades of experience in digital marketing and our proven process will help you find the right solution for growing your business today!

Let us show you how easy it is to start getting more customers through online ads so that you can focus on running a successful company instead of worrying about where to spend money on ads or which platforms work best. You won’t regret working with us!

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Digital Advertising is all about getting customer profitability and predictability

The number one job of Digital advertising is to make you money, point-blank. It’s because if you are spending your hard money on advertising, you’re going to want it back. There are advertising companies that believe their only job is to bring you leads. Well, at Marketing Growth Strategy, we are challenging the status quo; as your advertising partner, our role is to bring you sales. 

Assuming you are already advertising your business, it’s important to understand just how fast you want to scale your business. If you keep doing what you are doing now with your advertising, you will keep getting the results you have been getting. Is that ok with you? 

No, otherwise, you would not be here. 

Your investment in digital advertising is what will determine how fast you can go. If you want to go faster? Invest more! Adding more to the budget means more effort to scale your advertising. The business that can afford to spend more to acquire a question with advertising and still be profitable will always win. 

If you are investing $200 a month in digital advertising, and someone else is investing $2500, do you think you can beat them? The truth in marketing is the business that is able and willing to spend the most to get a customer will will. It’s all about the customer value.  

If you were willing to invest into your advertising, you could be winning in your business. Set up a call with me today and I will show you what you can do to get your business adverting on track.

digital advertising, laptop on cedar rapids based digital advertising company
Adverting team member for local cedar rapids advertising agencies
Adverting team member for local cedar rapids advertising agencies
Adverting team member for local cedar rapids advertising agencies

We're a Digital Advertising company that is not the cheapest. In fact, we don't even offer the lowest prices for most of our services.

Because we know that working with us will get you the results you have always wanted. 

Digital advertising needs to be efficient and effective, but it also requires the attention of experts. To ensure your company’s success with digital marketing strategies like banner ads or social media posts- you need someone who knows what they are doing! We don’t bring on every client looking for help managing their online presence because our approach doesn’t fit everyone.  For us to be a good fit you have to see advertising as an investment. 

The power of digital advertising is something that we should all be aware and appreciate. The wrong strategy can lead to frustration, while a well-built one will provide an excellent return on investment for your business or company’s efforts in marketing campaigns with these platforms
in order to get the most out of their ad investment!

When working together we combining both strategic thinking and fun designs for your online ads that attract your customers and keep your message clear.

You might be wondering how much it costs to hire an advertising professional. You could easily spend over $80,000 per year to hire someone on staff–that is if they are trained and not a top rated!

That number hurt a little bit didn’t it? 

Well our rates only come out around $1,000 per month which means that even small businesses can get high quality results without breaking the bank or sacrificing quality.

3 steps to getting more questions with digital advertising

We eat, sleep, and breathe digital advertising. Everything we do is designed to get results.

Set up strategy session

Set a free advertising strategy session to review where your business's current digital advertising efforts and create a plan for your digital advertising.

Create The Advertising plan

We build a digital advertising plan based on the strategy we create together and get things done.

get more customers!

Enjoy the additional customer you are getting because of your digital advertising.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of our most frequently asked Digital adverting questions and answers

Digital advertising is the creating and putting out promotional material online. Digital advertising can be done on a wide range of platforms like social media, search engines, websites, and other places you can accesses digitally.

Customers are spending a large amount of their time on the internet. Digital advertising goes to where your customers are. 

Think about it like this if you wanted to find people that wanted water would you go to the desert or out to the lake? Digital advertising is like find everyone that needs your water. 

  1. Digital advertising is targeted – digital ads allow you to tell the platform who to show each advertisement to. This type of targeting makes digital advertising profitable for small business owners. 
  2. Digital advertising provides flexibility – In order for a business to be success for in advertising you need to be in several  places so your customers see you more frequently. in sales this is called the rule of seven which simply states that someone needs to see your message seven times before they will take action.  Digital advertising allows you to show your product seven times quickly to reduce the time to buy.
  3. Digital advertising invites mobile engagement – digital ads allows you to reach your audience while they are on the move.  According to Statista over 50% of internet traffic is from mobile. Digital advertising allow you to reach customers where they are. 
  4. Digital advertising is faster – Digital ad campaigns can be executed much more quickly. because of the ease of set up that can be changed on the fly if you need to. what that means for you is if your digital ad is not working you can make changes to your ad to improve the results. 
  5. Digital advertising is easy to measure – when running ads you want to know where your many is going and if its coming back to you. If we want to get technical this is what we would call ad attribution. Digital ads allow you to see what is successful for your business. 
  6. Digital advertising can keep you top of mind – your can use ad tools like remarketing and retargeting to stay in front of customers that have shown interest in what you offer. 
  1. Display ads – this is what most people think about when you say digital advertising. some examples include web manner advertising, pop ups i.e adverts, floating ads and text ads.
  2.  Search engine marketing(SEM) – these type of ads look to get you in the best possible position in the the search (SERPS).
  3. Social media marketing – using social media to show the content that you have to people on platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin.
  4. Mobile advertising  – sending ads directly to the mobile phones and tablets. 
  5. E-mail advertising – sending ads directly to the inbox of the customers you want to attract.(think google promotions where it says ads)

The main difference between digital and traditional marketing is the medium.  The power of digital is the speed, cost and trackability of spending. Traditional media does not allow you to see what ads brought you the customers. what that means if you are running several ads than you wont know which ad medium brought that customer to you. 

Digital advertising works the best for small businesses.

It definitely is effective, but what type of business do you run? I’m not sure how effective it would be for optical shops. But in any other industry, you could use them to capture leads and send qualified traffic back to your website. It’s an easy way of finding customers that you wouldn’t get otherwise because they are searching for their needs on Google instead of coming directly to your site so you have a much better chance of converting them into a customer versus someone who accidentally found out about your company from TV or Facebook ads. I know a lot more people who were interested after browsing through my website than ones I have looked at before which just proves that digital marketing works and if

Digital advertising is a great option for small business owners because it allows them to spend only what they need and not reach out to all their possible clients. Used in conjunction with more traditional forms of advertising, it can make you more aware of the needs of your clients and help you customize your products or services accordingly.

For example, say you own a printing company that serves specialty businesses. If an account executive sells your printer’s services to new prospects, then he should also be responsible for generating interest in print marketing by telling prospects how they could use such materials as postcards or brochures help them retain employees, forge partnerships, and attract investment from other sectors.
This is good news for small business owners because digital advertising ties into social

There’s no easy answer to this one. It really depends on what your goals are and who your target customer is. For example, if you’re trying to reach a highly educated audience of 25-40 year olds in New York City with $150k+ income then it might be good to use Facebook ads targeting people who live in Manhattan or Brooklyn and have recently bought something from Louis Vuitton, because they’ll be more likely to click on an ad for it.

Digital advertising is very diverse. A lot of what you should be thinking about when it comes to digital advertising is not just which one works best, but which are the most affordable for small businesses? The beauty of Google Adwords or Facebook ads, for example, is that they are free to start. They allow you to market your product or service through banners and targeted texts with precision at a relatively low cost.


digital advertising–whether you’re running an ad through Facebook or Google AdWords–is much more affordable than it was in the past. Second, thanks to data collection and analytics offered by these ad platforms, it’s easier to keep track of how your customers are interacting with your advertisements.

For example, responses from visitors who aren’t ready to buy can be used as lead generation tools for ads that entice them into purchasing from another source–current or future. Digital advertising also allows more freedom when constructing the appropriate tone for a company’s specific brand identity and personality. Online ads don’t need to be dreadfully boring like traditional radio spots; they can actually incorporate humor without trying too hard! Social media such as Twitter

Online advertising is the most significant marketing tool in recent years. As more and more people are now using the internet to search for goods and services, your business must continuously find new ways to reach them through online ads.

The following tactics might help you improve your online advertising strategy: Prepare a clear company mission statement that speaks directly to your target audience – What do you want potential customers of yours to think? Build social networking channels, sign up with sites like Facebook or Twitter- not just because these sites have billions of users, but because they serve as efficient customer relationship management tools. Send targeted messages (public messages) one at each time with less frequency than e-mail spamming which could result in disregarded contact and lowered probability of

The benefits of advertising is the flexibility and speed to market. if we look at digital ads as a long term tool that are often cheaper than other forms of media.

Digital advertising provides thousands of small business owners with an opportunity to reach a wider audience. It’s easier for small companies without large budgets to implement digital strategies that make brands more visible than ever before.
Digital advertisements are targeted in order to drive traffic from your desired audience. That means you can reach niche, or trending, demographics at very low prices. All these benefits and the power of precise targeting has led to many small businesses around the world seeing major success through digital marketing efforts alone! 

while digital ads have a great deal of benefits it would be unhelpful if we didn’t share the disadvantages of digital advertisings. 

  1. Adds cost to production 
  2. Deceptive advertising can hurt trust 
  3. Promotes unnecessary consumption 
  4. Creates a monopolistic market 

If you have questions about concerns for your business fell free to contact us.

Social media has become one  of the most influential place on the plant. Facebook current has 2.80 billion monthly active users. what other marketing medium allow you to get access to that many people for as little as $5 dollars per day. Now the truth is it take work to put together the right combination of ads and creative to get results but when its done right its like magic.