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Use Google My Business to get more customer

Need to get more customers to find you on Google? Google My Business is the best way to get customers to your business.

Use google my business to get more customers

Google My Business to get more customer

What is Google My Business?

According to Google, Google My Business is a free tool that allows you to promote your business profile and business website on Google Search and Maps. 

Let me break that down. Google My Business is an online profile for your business that Google hosts. If you take the time to set up your Google My Business profile, you can help customers find you.

How do I get more customers on Google my business?

Marketing Growth Strategy is your local Google my business expert

In the world of online shopping, customers have more options for where they spend their money and less time to look.  92.18% of people are searching on google for where they should spend their money. Business owners like you are all asking the same thing, how can I make sure my business ranks in Google? It would stand to reason that the best way to get your name on Google would be to tell google you have a business, right? Of course! Well, that’s Google My Business

Use google my business to get more customers

How does marketing growth strategy use google my business to get a customer for my business?

at marketing growth strategy we use a step by step process for your google my business

The process for ranking in Google with your Google My Business profile is pretty straightforward. We use our Google My Business Optimization checklist to make sure you get the best results possible. Our process for Google My Business looks like this:

  1. Set up your Google My Business 
  2. Create Google My Business Post 
  3. Post Pictures on Google My Business
  4. Build Local Citations for Google My Business
Set up Google My Business

Google My Business profile is key to customers finding your business on Google. Google My business is more than just throwing your information into a box on a profile. Google My Business profile building includes:

  1. Getting more reviews
  2. Remove incorrect information 
  3. Setting up your images and video on Google my Business 
  4. Reviewing your competitors Google My Business

What is a citation? A citation is a reference that links to your website. The link includes your business’s name, address, and phone number. In the world of digital marketing, we call this the NAP. It’s straightforward; the more citations Googles can see(that are accurate), the better Google will rank your business. 

Getting Reviews on Google My Business 

Google My Business can help your customers choose who they are going to buy from. Customers are looking for a business with high reviews. Reviews on your Google My Business are critical when ranking on google. 

Want to get more customers by ranking on Google?

Your ranking on Google My Business results from your authority Google thinks your business has based on how well your profile is completed. Have you ever hear the saying, “if you want to hide a dead body put it on the 3rd page of Google.” well, think about your low ranking of your Google My Business profile the same way. The team at Marketing Growth Strategy can be your partner to get your customer with Google My Business.

Getting customer with Google My business from a Cedar Rapids Digital marketing company

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of our most frequently asked Digital adverting questions and answers

This is a unique and useful tool for business owners from Google. Google My Business allows you to promote your business services and business website on Google Maps and Google Search. Using your Google My Business account, gathering your customer’s details and connecting with them is now easier. You can collect data about your customers and understand your customers’ interactions with your business on Google.

Several people run unique searches on certain keywords to get the product or service they desire. With your free Google My Business Profile on Google, it helps your business show up when customers search for products or services your business offers. You will need to update certain information on your Google My Business account to enjoy these benefits.  Information like your address, phone number, open hours, website, and more are some of the details you will be providing. 

Your profile also needs fresh photos, special offers, and better customer visibility. Learn more about techniques Google uses to get information about your business.

Google business website is another free business tool from Google. It provisions professional website for your business. This professional website can be up within a couple of minutes. Google business website sources information from your business page. Your professional website also gets updates dynamically when you update your Google business page.

There are varieties of professional templates you can choose from for your business. Your customers can get several ways in touch with you through various integrations like calling, messaging, or requesting a quote.

Google My Business gives your business the exposure it needs when customers and your target audience searches certain keywords on Google. With your Business Profile, you get an active presence on Google Search and Maps solution. This allows you to collect customer data through reviews, post special offers and so much more. Your business also gets to highlight your unique product and services through the Google business website. With Google Analytics and Insights, you get to see customer data and analyze how to engage better with your customer. The customer tab also gives you the avenue to interact with your customer for better revenue conversion.

Google My Business offers a unique opportunity to maximize your business’ presence on Google. Using your Google My Business account, updates about your Business Profile can get updates dynamically to your google website to attract and engage more customers. With your Google My Business’ Business Profile, you get Places for Business, Google Listings, and Google+ Business Pages.

It is absolutely free! Anyone who wants to give his or her business more visibility on the internet can get a Google My Business account. For better marketing strategy and advertisement, you should consider Google ad offerings by visiting this site.

It is advisable that you get your free Google Business Profile to complements your website. This adds that extra visibility to your current business website on Google Search and Google Maps. You can also add a backlink to your website on your Google My Business account.

Google My Business allows you to create an account even without an actual business storefront. For your business offerings, Google My Business will help your customer locate you faster with the information you add to your website.

Random people are capable of making changes to your business listing. This can be a suggestion or an outright change by even your direct competition. These changes are a life change to your business information. It is very advisable that you continue to check daily to ensure your business information contain the correct data.

Unlike your social media posts that sometimes require hashtags to trend, they are a total waste of space on Google My Business. Ideally, you need between 150 to 300 characters to give a brief summary of your post. You get up to 1,500 characters for the details of your post. It is advisable that you use these characters wisely.

Reviews are from people that might have already interacted with your products or services and did not get maximum satisfaction. Google constantly reviews these postings and have policies guiding reviews.

Read Google’s Review Policies to see if the reviews truly violate Google’s policies. You should also put in place some customer engaging techniques to interact with these type of customers.

Customers’ thoughts and reviews on your page are very instrumental in converting other target audiences. In the very competitive and digitalized world, we live in, customer’s organic reviews are very important.

However, you will need to deliver some of the best products or services to attract customers to come back and leave you a favorable product or service review.

You get better business visibility when you post about your business on your Google My Business account. To rank higher, your data update helps your search engine optimization whenever someone searches for things that relate to your business. 

Depending on the kind of data you share, you get better metadata scan results when you share specific information about your business. This specific information may include your business offering, business location and other business-specific information.

Here are some of the things you need to avoid when using Google My Business:

  • Always discourage fake reviews. Instead, provide the best products or services to your customers and politely ask that they review your business offering on Google. 
  • Use your character length wisely when writing a post about your business. You should avoid using hashtags here.
  • Make sure you pin your business location on the right spot on google map. You will not want your customers to go to a different business.