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Our focus in working with you is getting you results. All of our recommendations will be based on your success. if we aren't the best place for you we will recommend someone else.

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We believe in having the experience and training to make sure we can deliver the best results possible.

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Look lets be honest, everyone says this but we prove it by giving away a ton of content to make sure people can get the help we need and if we work with you and it seems we arent a good fit we will return your money.

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Founder of Marketing Growth Strategy

First off I want to stop and say thank you. I know there are so many things you could be doing and you are taking the time to read our website.

Look let's be honest here, you have(or will) talk to a ton of people that say they are the best at what we do and we promise results.

Blah blah blah.. so I won't do that. I will just tell you a little about me and why I even started this business in the first place. As the founder of Marketing Growth Strategy, I don't take your time for granted.

My name is Maurice Davis and I have a confession... I LOVE marketing ; I totally nerd out over all things marketing and customer engagement. If you want to have a quick conversation then here are the things to NOT ask me about:

1.Marketing strategy
2.Running social media ads
3.Building websites to get more customers
4.Coaching your staff to improve their performance

I wish you could see my face, I am laughing so hard right now but I'm so serious. I love to teach and coach. My belief is that my first job is to educate and second is to entertain all while getting you results.

Let's face it no one wants to hang out with someone that is no fun.

I try not to take myself too seriously, I am the guy who will trip and say things like "the sidewalk just reached up and grabbed me". I am warning you now, I love to laugh.(that was a Mary Poppins reference, I hope you can hear the song in your head, you’re welcome.)

I stated Marketing Growth Strategy after coaching over 200 businesses between 2019 and 2020. At the time I was a business coach in Cedar Rapids Iowa (btw I am a certified business coach), when working with the businesses we always came back to they  needed help with marketing.

My session became 90 minutes of marketing planning.  Here are some reviews from my clients.

I love helping and working with small business owners helping to make marketing simple and effective. I will close out with this, while I love working with businesses I know that I am not a match for everyone and everyone is not a match for me. I would love to have a conversation with you if you just want to get to know me as a person connect with me on Linkedin.

Well I’m not going to chat your ear off all day. I hope that you have gotten a chance to see a little of what I am about.

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